VW Golf speedster arrested

Three North West Traffic Officers arrested

Vehicles discontinued and impounded

RTMC to host high profile Traffic Indaba with Traffic Officers

Licensing officials to spend weekend behind bars

Traffic Officials nabbed for the alleged sale of licences

RTMC condemns assault on traffic officer

Female only traffic officer teams to take the street

RTMC calls for caution on the roads as inclement weather spreads

RTMC sends investigators to probe horrific road crash in Harding: 11 July 2016

RTMC commends Mpumalanga for impounding un-roadworthy trucks: 6 July 2016

Stepped up traffic law enforcement for Youth Day long-weekend and school holiday: 09 June 2016

Senior Traffic Officer arrested for bribery in North West: 07 June 2016

Taxi drivers arrested for driving without public driver’s permits

Operation Ke Molao

RTMC sends investigators to Pietermaritzburg collision scene: 26 April 2016

Roadworthy Arrests: 26 April 2016

Bail for Tlokwe Traffic officers: 25 April 2016

Four Traffic Officers Arrested for Corruption: 22 April 2016

Traffic Chiefs decide on plan to reduce road deaths: 18 April 2016

Traffic Officer Caught in Anti-Corruption Sting Operation: 26 March 2016

Fewer Passengers Dying on the Roads on Easter Weekend: 22 March 2016

Traffic Officers getting ready for Easter travellers: 15 March 2016

A New Campaign to Promote Road Safety is Launched: 16 February 2016

Another North West Traffic officer arrested for soliciting bribes: 10 February 2016

More vehicle vehicles taken off the road: 8 January 2016

North West officer arrested for soliciting bribes: 6 January 2016

Motorists heading to the Soweto derby cautioned to obey all traffic rules:28 January 2016

Public Warned Againts a Fake Traffic Officer Learnership Advert: 19 January 2016