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The National Traffic Call Center (NTCC)

Call centre Number : 0861 400 800 (Not toll free)
Fax no : 086 602 5928
How many times have you said: there is no traffic officer around when needed, or how often have you wished you could report a blatant traffic offence, an un-roadworthy vehicle or aggressive, irresponsible, negligent or reckless driving behaviour?

In order to provide for this need it was decided to establish a National Traffic Call Centre (NTCC) to give easy access to drivers, pedestrians and public road transport passengers on buses and minibus taxis to report unsafe vehicles and reckless and negligent driver behaviour; as well as fraud and corruption within the traffic situation. The Call Centre will also provide the general public with the opportunity to report moving violations and overloading as well as fraud and corruption at Vehicle Testing Stations and Driving Licence Testing Centres. Incidents and accidents can also be reported and the Centre is also a source of limited road traffic information.

Well, this is now your chance to become an active participant in making our roads safer for all road users. The Road to Safety Strategy 2002-2005, amongst other, aims to reduce inconsiderate, negligent and intimidating or aggressive behaviour on our roads, as well as to acknowledge and encourage a culture of responsible road usage. Your participation is therefore vital to the success of this project. Remember, the road belongs to all of us, let us use it safely together.