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National Traffic Police

The National Traffic Police Unit is established to intensify the policing of our national network. It is intended to make the unit available for deployment to deal with any traffic related situation in the country. All the responsibilities above is expected to be deliberated by the staff compliment of a Chief of Traffic Police, Deputy Chiefs, Senior Inspectors, Assistant Superintendents, Traffic Officers and support staff.

The unit has impact hard on enforcement with regard to high visibility, roadside checkpoints, alcohol abuse enforcement, multidisciplinary roadblocks and drag racing. The unit approach is more preventative than reactive, where from time to time driver and vehicle compliance was ensured, even before the vehicles took off to the roads. The National Traffic Police Unit conducts joint operations with other law enforcement authorities from time to time including SAPS, SANDF, local, metros and Provincial Traffic authorities.

They also embark on special projects such as the Transnet Freight Rail Level Crossing Project in the North West project which aims to reduce the number of fatalities recorded at railway level crossing units.


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