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Call Center

The National Traffic Call Center

Call centre Number : 0861 400 800 (Not toll free)
Fax no : 086 602 5928
How many times have you said: there is no traffic officer around when needed, or how often have you wished you could report a blatant traffic offence, an un-roadworthy vehicle or aggressive...

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Purpose of the Call Centre

The purpose of the Call Centre is to, with the assistance of commuters and road users in general, amongst others identify:

  • The occurrence of road traffic offences on the road and street system

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Main Objectives

  •  To promote voluntary compliance with traffic legislation
  • To reduce traffic contraventions and road rage
  • To improve safe and courteous road user behaviour

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Information to be reported

To make the best use of the information provided by the public to the Call Centre, the following minimum information is required:
  • The name of the Province in which the incident/offence was detected (Gauteng, Free State, etc)
  • In Built-up Areas and Cities and Towns : the name of the City or Town and Suburb as well as the Name of the Street or Junction between two streets...
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Use of the reported information


The information collected by the Centre is, amongst others, utilised for:
  • Advising the registered owner of the vehicle by letter of the nature and location of the alleged offence, together with a road safety message.
  • Identification of regular offenders (after they have been reported a number of times) and request senior Provincial and Local Authority traffic officers to meet with such persons and explain the unacceptability....
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