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RTMC Objectives

The objectives of the RTMC as outlines in section 2 of the Road Traffic Management  are:

  • To establish the RTMC as a partnership between national, provincial and local sphere of government
  • To enhance the overall quality of road traffic services provision, and in particular ensure safety, security, order, discipline and mobility on the roads
  • To protect road infrastructure and the environment through the adoption and implementation of innovative technology
  • To phase out, where appropriate, public funding and phase in private sector investment in road traffic matters on a competitive basis
  • To introduce commercial management principles to inform and guide road traffic governance and decision making in the interest of enhanced service provision
  • To optimise the utilisation of public funds
  • To regulate, strengthen and monitor inter-governmental contact and co-operation in road traffic matters
  • To improve the exchange and dissemination of information and road traffic matters
  • To stimulate research in road traffic matters and effectively utilise the resources of existing institutes and research bodies
  • To develop human resources in the public and private sectors that are involved in road traffic matters